Hi, I'm Eric. I'm an entrepreneur. I like to think about different configurations of the world. Occasionally I start a company to try to make one of them happen. I believe that the great emerging institutions and companies of our era will be the ones that will offer the biggest incremental advances in delivering products and services around basic things like housing, medical care and clean energy.

As a child, I grew up watching Star Trek TNG. Then, and now, it is the only vision of the future that I want to believe in. One based on rationality and exploration, the idea that humanity could conquer the demons that haunt our world. The values and ethos I have today are derived from many different sources, but many of those values (eg. personal growth, simple living) are derived from the impact that show had on my young mind.

And that's what this website is about. I don't know if human interstellar space travel is even possible, but I don't think Gene Roddenberry's vision had anything to with space travel. It's my personal homage to Gene, his ideas and my interpretation of those ideas and how I believe they can be applied in our world today. The reason I do these things is because I'd like to see more interesting things happen in our world before I die.

Besides this, a major preoccupation of my time concerns my obsession with thinking about how to do medicine better. The area is absolutely ripe for innovation. In 2009, I started a company called housecall.md focused on delivering better than market GP level medical services at a fraction of the cost. The philosophy of housecall.md was to take a hacker approach to the problems of the way medicine is done today. The company was not a success, but the experience only enhanced my belief in the strength of the company's approach. Although it didn't work out how I'd hoped, the company felt like it was the most important things I have ever done. I love to chat about the future of medicine, so if you have a good idea for me about this or anything else, please do get in touch. I really believe that the difference between what's accessible today and what could be accessible today but isn't is like comparing a stone age catapult to a 747.

My latest project is UPLIINK Aero A Free Internet for Everyone, Everywhere. And a new browser for the internet of things, places and services. Please check out my essays below, and let me know what you think!

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I've poured myself into some great projects & ideas over the years. Here a select few. I try hard to create quality things.

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